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Friday 7th April

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Saturday 8th April

Committee Work


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Sunday 9th April

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the session

Looking forward to what?

Every session within EYP has a theme from which the session is structured and focused, as well as the topics that are discussed therein. This year our theme is “Looking forward to what?” (Looking ahead towards what/for what? What do we expect from the future?).

We believe that Europe and the European Union are going through difficult times and that we must look for things that connect us: common projects that give us the excitement and determination to work to move forward and achieve the goals we set out.

Girona National Selection Conference 2017 is focused on providing the delegates with a platform where they can express freely, in an environment where every idea is heard and in which reason –and not sensationalism– dominates the debates.

We believe that now is the time to de ne common goals and decide which direction we want to take them. We must accept that in order to reach all agreements, we must dialogue and give in.

Because if we want to live together, we must decide together.


Looking forward to what? What are you looking forward to? 


12th National Selection Conference

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