Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE)

Looking forward to a complete Energy Union: Despite the introduction of different action plans, the EU imports over 50% of the energy it consumes. Upon completing the Energy Union, should the EU prioritise energy independence or sustainable energy production and how should it be implemented? 

Committee on Economic and Monteray Affairs II (ECON II)

Looking forward to a genuine Economic Union: despite significant progress towards a common Banking Union, Fiscal Union and Political Union, European economic integration still needs improvement. While negotiations are often about the arrangements and not about the desired final outcome, what goals should the EU and its Member States put forward and which next steps should be taken to achieve Economic Integration?

Committee on Constitutional Affairs II (AFCO II)

Looking forward to seceding regions: Brexit having re-ignited the movement for Scottish independence, and a pro-independent government in region of Catalonia, secessionist movements remain relevant issues in the EU. Without an existing legal framework on the matter, what should be the EU's stance towards populations within its borders who seek independence?

Committee on Civil Liberties Justice and Home Affairs I (LIBE I)

Looking forward to an integrated society: with hundreds of thousands of refugees having arrived in Europe in recent years, which policies should be put in place across the EU to ensure that migrants and refugees are integrated in society?

Committee on Civil Liberties Justice and Home Affairs II (LIBE II)

Looking forward to more transparent politicians: corruption scandals in the French Presidential campaign and Spanish politics bring focus on this issue at high levels in European politics. Which measures should be taken to combat corruption in EU Member States?

session Topics

Committee on Economic and Monteray Affairs I (ECON I)

Looking forward to a fairer Europe: given the increasing gap in absolute inequality both within EU Member States and across the EU as a whole, which policy tools should the EU and its Member States use to create a more equal society?

Committee on Constitutional Affairs I (AFCO I)

Looking forward to an EU without the UK: Theresa May has laid a vision for a “hard Brexit”, where the UK would lose access to the single market, with the aim to reduce immigration and promote free trade. With the UK preparing to exit from the EU, which position should the European Council and European Commission take in the negotiations?

Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET)

Looking forward to countering post-truth propaganda: with the European Parliament recently declaring Kremlin propaganda efforts as a ‘threat to democracy’, with what measures should the EU approach the issue of Russian propaganda, aimed at challenging democratic values, whilst not infringing on the freedom of the press and freedom of expression?


12th National Selection Conference

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